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M2M & Talking Machines – Shape of things to come

Machine to Machine (M2M) is a collection of technologies and infrastructures that allows devices, systems and even structures to communicate and interact with one another, traditional information systems and people. The M2M Cloud Service includes M2M connectivity services, software agents, and toolkits that enable the customers in different vertical to establish connectivity between devices or assets and the M2M Platform, while allowing choosing the communication method and hardware that suits the needs of your M2M solution. As a result, it allows to connect to any product using any device, over any communication channel (cellular networks, the Internet, WiFi, or satellite), for any application. M2M In Manufacturing – RFID and M2M can come together and a huge opportunity can open up in sub sectors ranging from aerospace to oil and gas to electronics across applications such as inventory management, shipping and delivery, tracking parts, work in progress and employee data M2M market will be significantly driven in the next 10 years by enterprises’ need to reduce costs and consumer demand for new services



Amarjeet Singh Amarjeet Singh - Amarjeet Singh is currently Asst. Professor in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Group at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi).
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Chetan Maini  Chetan Maini - Founder & Chief of Strategy & Technology, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.
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Marc Jones Marc Jones - Chairman & CEO, Aeris Communications
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Nidamalluri Nagesh  Nidamalluri Nagesh -Senior General Manager-Executive, Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt Ltd.
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TRamanathan Padmanathan Ramanathan Padmanathan - Strategist , Intel Technologies
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Raveendran Rengaswamy Raveendran Rengaswamy - Deputy General Manager, Mercedes-Benz R&D India (MBRDI)
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Sri Krishnan V Sri Krishnan V - Vice President, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited
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Takeaways from the i5 Talks held in June, 2013